Why buy from Touch-Ups Automotive?

We've been in business since the early 90's and have been selling online for years. You can check out our ebay store. You will notice 100% positive feedback. While you can definitely purchase most of the same products from our ebay store, our selection here is more inclusive and economical.


Are these slip on seat covers?

NO. These are actual Katzkin, Roadwire, and Alea Leather seat covers. They do NOT go over your existing cloth or leather. Your existing seat covers will have to be removed and these installed in their place.


Can I install these myself?

If you have the tools and ability to remove the seats, you can probably complete the project. You are basically removing and replacing components. As long as attention to dis-assembly is noted, reassembly will be quite clear.


Do I need any "special" tools or supplies?

A typical process will require sockets, screw drivers, torx bits, and pliers. We would also recommend our clip removal tool.  This is a highly utilized tool in a typical leather install for many reasons besides its intended use.  In some cases you will also need hog rings and pliers. The set we carry is very adequate for occasional use and includes more than enough hog rings for one vehicle.


What is the leather content of these kits?

Per Katzkin: "Our leather content will always meet or exceed the leather content of the original vehicle manufacturer's factory design. We ensure the only the highest quality leather, suede and vinyl materials are used to maximize comfort, design and durability." 


What if my vehicle is not listed?

Email Us! sales@touchupsautomotive.com We can get any leather kit that Katzkin, Roadwire, or Alea Leather offers.


What if I want to add options like two-tone inserts, contrast stitch, piping, etc.?

You can visit Katzkin's Design Selector and experiment with all those options. Once you are satisfied, send us a screenshot of the final selection or a thorough description of your vehicle and options and we will provide you with a price.


Do these leather kits come with a warranty?

Yes. Every Katzkin, Roadwire, or Alea Leather interior is backed by a 3 year/36,000 mile national warranty.





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